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How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help Me?

For over a decade the skilled trial lawyers at Howie Law Firm LLC have been helping injured people recover from accidents. We understand the need for immediate medical treatment, help with making a claim for lost wages and advocate for your right to full and fair compensation from the negligent party. We are dedicated to aggressively seeking reimbursement that makes you whole, and recognize the need to reach a timely resolution.

To protect your rights, you should preserve the claim by filing a lawsuit on time. The law imposes deadlines by which you must file a case for personal injury. In Virginia, you have two years to file a claim. To help ensure your claim gets filed on time, it is crucial to gather all the facts so they can be presented properly and in a light most favorable to your position. Steps that can be taken to preserve the evidence and help make sure you don’t miss the deadline to file include:

  • Seek immediate medical treatment, obtain copies of the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment plan for your injuries
  • Take pictures of the accident scene, including photos of all property damage
  • Get the names and phone numbers for all witnesses, and call them for an interview to get their version of events
  • If the police were called to the scene, obtain a copy of any accident report made
  • Exchange insurance information with other parties involved in the accident

If you fail to file a case within the two-year statute of limitations, you may never be allowed to file a case. Experienced attorneys know the deadline and make sure it is not missed. A personal injury attorney also helps by examining the facts of your case and artfully negotiating with insurance companies. Because we work for you and not the insurance provider, you are our focus. We do not settle claims for amounts that do not fully compensate you for your injuries and we do not encourage you to make choices that don’t fit your needs. When settlement isn’t possible, we are not apprehensive about taking your case to trial. We work with you and listen to your desires, so together we can form a satisfactory strategy for your case.

If you have been in an accident, call an experienced personal injury attorney in Virginia for help. At Howie Law Firm LLC, we are skilled at listening to the facts, applying the law to those facts, identifying the cause of your injury and seeking compensation that fully and fairly reimburses you. We make sure your case is filed on time, so your rights are protected. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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