Premises Liability

Were You Injured as the Result of Property Owner Negligence?

Slipping or tripping and falling down are still the most common types of accidents that occur on properties. And when they are the result of negligence on the part of the property owner and cause injury, you can sue the owner for your injury. Premises liability is not limited to fall-down accidents, however. If a parking lot is inadequately lit or secured and you are criminally attacked on the way to your car, the parking lot owner has failed to protect you from harm. If you or your child were hurt on a faulty Ferris wheel, the owner of the ride is responsible for compensating you for your injuries.

Anytime you have been injured on somebody else’s property and that property’s owner failed in his or her obligation to maintain the property and safeguard you from harm in a reasonable manner, you may be able to file a lawsuit to recover damages.

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Premises Liability Laws in Maryland

Property owners, landlords and lessees (tenants) may be responsible for compensating you for your injury if they were negligent in keeping their property safe. Their liability is also dependent on your “status” on the property – in other words, why you were there. The four status categories are:

  • Invitee – You were on the premises by permission or invitation for reasons related to the property owner’s business (such as being a customer at a store)
  • Social guest – You were at the premises by invitation for social, rather than business, reasons
  • Bare licensee – You were not at the premises by invitation but by consent and to serve the interests of the property owner (for example, as a firefighter)
  • Trespasser – You were on the property without consent

Only invitees and social guests have the right to file a claim when they suffer an injury as a result of negligence. However, in Maryland, if you have contributed in any way to your injury, you are barred from filing a lawsuit.

We have also put together a Frequently Asked Questions About Premises Liability page that you may find helpful. While not intended to replace the advice of Mr. Howie, it provides some basic premises liability answers.

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