Boating Accidents

2011 was a High-Water Mark for Boat Accidents and Fatalities

Living in a state with more than 7,700 miles of shoreline and 191,000 registered boats, it’s no wonder Marylanders love the water. But as more people crowd the waterways with everything from skipjacks to sea kayaks and cruisers to canoes, more accidents are bound to happen. Boat crashes and boating wrecks may fall under either state or federal jurisdiction. They can be caused by anything from boating while intoxicated (BWI) to an explosion.

At the Annapolis law firm of Howie Law Firm LLC, we have experience with maritime and civil law and can help victims of boating accidents recover damages through either state or federal court. Every year, we provide legal assistance to clients in Anne Arundel County and Southern Maryland – in cities from Annapolis and beyond – who are seeking compensation for their boat accident injuries.

Does Admiralty law Apply?

Admiralty law generally applies to an accident that occurs on the high seas or on navigable waters and can apply to any type of boat – regardless of its size, purpose or use. Traditionally, admiralty law had to do with the relationship of the accident to maritime activities. Today, the issue is as much about whether an accident disrupts maritime commerce as it is about the accident’s relationship to the high seas or navigable waterways. Theoretically, that means a cabin cruiser hitting a dock could fall under federal admiralty law if the accident occurred in navigable waters.

As an auto accident law firm, we have to understand traffic laws. We understand admiralty law, including the Jones Act, the Death on the High Seas Act and the Suits in Admiralty Act. Whether your boat accident was caused by the negligence of another or is the result of a defective product, we work to get you the best possible compensation in cases of:

  • Boat collisions
  • Falls overboard
  • Collisions with other objects
  • Personal watercraft accidents
  • Capsizes
  • Fires
  • Drowning and wrongful death
  • Explosions

Our law firm located in Annapolis, MD represents boating accident clients in the Washington, D.C. and Annapolis, MD metro area.

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