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Injuries from Construction Sites

Injuries at construction sites are common. These sites are full of potential hazards to workers, guests and passersby. An accident can happen at the site of new construction, demolition, renovation, by electricians, carpenters and bricklayers as well as many of the other persons on site. Use of headgear, proper use of materials, maintaining safe and well lit walkways and upkeep of equipment help reduce accidents. However, accidents do still happen. When people are injured at a construction site, they are entitled to compensation for their injuries. Attorneys routinely practicing in this area of law benefit you because they are familiar with the types of accidents that can occur, the severity of resulting injuries and strategies for winning compensation.

Reports of construction accidents are rising at an alarming rate. In one recent case, a man died in Virginia Beach at a construction site when a piece of equipment struck him, causing cardiac arrest. The accident remains under investigation.

This type of accident illustrates how accidents at construction sites can cause severe injury, and even death. Also, the injury isn’t always a visible result of the accident. It would seem death from being struck by a heavy piece of equipment may be from a visible head injury or other outwardly recognizable harm. However, a heart attack caused by being struck can also cause death. To seek compensation for injuries at construction sites, all avenues of recovery must be pursued. All injuries require examination and a cause established. Our talented team of attorneys is experienced and evaluating your case and making these determinations.

A Virginia personal injury attorney can help make your claim for compensation when you are injured at a construction site. We offer a free initial consultation and schedule appointments at times convenient for you. Call Howie Law Firm LLC today to make an appointment to meet with a qualified attorney.

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