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Defective Products

Information for Those who Have Been Injured Because of the Design, Manufacturing or Negligent Marketing of a Product

Every day a new electronic device comes on the market to make our lives simpler, a new medication reaches our pharmacist’s shelves to help make us healthier, and a new toy is advertised as a must-have for our children. There are more products to pick from than ever before – but with all those choices comes the potential for injury from defective products.

If you or someone you care about has been harmed by a defective product, you have questions, and we can give you the answers.

Every case is unique, and we urge you to talk to one of our attorneys for more information.

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Q. What is products liability, and what is strict liability?
A. In simple terms, products liability refers to the responsibility of the designer, manufacturer, distributor and retailer to compensate those who have been injured by a product they created, made, represented or sold. Under liability laws, a claim may be brought under either negligence, breach of warranty, misrepresentation or strict liability. Strict liability gives attorneys the ability to “extend” responsibility for damage to a greater number of parties.

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Q. How much money will I get in compensation for my injury?
A. There is no set amount. Compensation is based on actual costs – things like medical bills and loss of wages. The trickier part is to put a dollar figure on pain and suffering. That is where your attorney’s ability to value your claim comes in. Be wary of a lawyer who says he can get you a specific amount of money from the get-go.

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Q. Can I file a lawsuit for my injury if I no longer have the product?
A. In the best of all worlds, having the product is helpful: It is always good to preserve evidence. However, not having it does not prevent you from filing a product liability claim.

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Q. How much will it cost me to get a lawyer to help me?
A. Products liability cases are a form of personal injury case. Such cases are taken on contingency, which means that your attorney gets paid from the proceeds of your award. If your attorney does not win, he or she does not get paid. You should have a frank discussion with your lawyer about any costs that may be associated with your lawsuit and what percentage of your award the attorney will receive.

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